Zoom Rehearsals every Tue

term time at 7.30pm

16 Mar 2021

23 Mar 2021

Easter Holidays 

29 Mar - 16 Apr 2021


First rehearsal in the 

Summer term

20 Apr 2021


Housekeeping rules for ZOOM rehearsals:

  • You will be automatically muted on arrival; please remain muted unless being asked otherwise.

  • For any questions you may have please use the chat section.

  • Upon arrival, ensure your full name/vocal part are visible following this format (i.e. John Smith/Tenor).
    Click here for a mini tutorial to 
    rename yourself in Zoom

    NB If you are using someone else's device, his/her settings will not be affected.

  • Smile, breathe, blink and enjoy singing! 

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